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Dogscooting with one, two or more dogs is a fast and dynamic sport similar to bikejoring.
The scooters we offer are very suitable for this kind of sport due to their design and components. We offer you the following brands: GRAVITY from Spain, the ideal fun and training scooters, and KICKBIKE from Finland. KICKBIKE offers both low-priced entry-level models made of aluminium, mid-range models with higher-quality components, and high-end models with carbon fork such as the Cross 29er.
If you know what you want, your scooter will be delivered to you quickly and easily by dropshipping. If you want to test-ride a scooter, you are welcome to visit our shop and test several different models with your dog.

CaniX Bike


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Cross Fix

549,00  520,00 
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Cross Max 20HD+

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Cross Max 29/26

1.090,00  929,00 

CaniX Bike

Dog antenna

1.338,00  1.278,00 
749,97  680,97 

CaniX Scooter

Gravity Pulka R

955,90  880,00 
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CaniX Scooter

Kickbike FatMax 26/20

920,90  899,90