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That’s what our customers say:

I am active in dog pulling sports, trail running and dog trekking with a husky and a terrier mix.
At SLEDWORK I have found the perfect harness for every type of dog. The customer support is excellent!

Bernd Spring / LennyRacingTeam

I am very pleased with the customer support. Special needs are meet, if possible, such as customized harnesses, and they are open to all kinds of questions. I have equipped myself and my dogs.
Stay true to your philosophy!
Made for Germany 👍

Jacqueline Hafermann

With the new harness, you have given me the greatest pleasure.
Finally, after 5 harnesses I got one that fits perfectly.
At Sledwork a CUSTOMER-FRIENDLY SERVICE is still a top priority.

Apostolos Karakatsanis

Yesterday, we received our harness for our giant baby, and it fits just perfectly! Thank you

Giovanna Pepaj

Hello, we have shopped at Sledwork, and they are very friendly and give very good advice even if it takes longer. If something does not fit it is made to fit.
We have bought several products and always like to go back.
Keep up the good work!

Ingo Steinwand

Last Saturday, I went to the SLEDWORK store and bought a harness for my German shepherd. On Sunday, I tested the harness extensively, and I am very satisfied. It fits perfectly and looks great.
The service was competent and friendly, and it won’t be my last purchase.

Nadine Reger

the second generation of sledwork

The Story of Sledwork began in the year 1992.


At that time, Martina and Titus Uepach had discovered their passion for sled dogs, and quickly the pack grew to 13 Greenland dogs.
But it was also a time when there was not yet much well-functioning equipment to buy for mushing. So Martina as an enthusiastic tailor and Titus as an ambitious carpenter and tinkerer put their heads together and started to design harnesses, leashes, dog bags and dog sleds themselves.


Well-fitting dog sports equipment was hardly to find


Some designs were probably too “daring” and could not compete in the market, others were simply for the waste bin…trial and error, because where should we look…? What didn’t exist had to be invented. In retrospect, however, this was a great advantage. Our eyes were trained to observe the dogs moving in our harnesses and we were able to draw a lot of useful conclusions. This is how we learned to design dog-specific equipment from scratch.


Our product development follows a continuous evolution


Today, almost 30 years later, Sledwork has remained true to this kind of tinkering and optimizing. Never ever will we launch a bad product just because it might sell well. Our product development follows a continuous evolution rather than a revolution. Because only in a perfectly fitting harness the dog can develop its full performance. Only in an optimally fitting canicross belt the athlete can perform to 100 percent.


Sledwork products make you and your dog faster and more efficient


An indispensable component of our product development is to thoroughly test new designs with our own dogs on the countless trails in our home region, the Swabian Mountains. In addition, we benefit from the valuable input of our Sledwork-athletes. Only if we are fully convinced, a new product will find its way into series production.


Today, Sledwork is managed in the second generation


There was a big change in the company history in 2018! Two of the three children, Lisa and Fabian, took over Sledwork and started to transform the parental business into a modern production company. Development, administration and production are located under one roof in Burladingen in South-West Germany.

Our products are “Made in Germany”

Our products are “Made in Germany” because we have recognized the advantages of the location. Value is added locally and we create jobs here. The question of location is also always a question of attitude. When selecting our suppliers, we also rely on “Made in Germany” wherever possible, as we try to be independent of long and unclear supply chains.


Sustainability and responsibility for future generations


A major issue we face is our responsibility for the planet and future generations. Where production takes place, consumption and emissions inevitably arise. We have come to the conclusion that the greatest possible sustainability can only be achieved through a long product life cycle. In other words, quality is more important than quantity. In an old print catalogue of ours we found the sentence: Our products are functional, lightweight and yet durable. In this regard, nothing fundamental has changed to this day. Only the attributes chic, fashionable, trendy and colorful have been added.