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In contrast to CaniX, where you start with a maximum of two dogs in the competition, in mushing several draft dogs are harnessed in front of the sled or training wagon.
The dog handlers call themselves mushers.
Mushing is about building up a homogeneous team of 4, 6, 8 or more dogs and then taking them out safely in training or competition and bringing them home again.
The races vary in the number of dogs and the length of the course. They may last for several days and comprise distances of several hundred kilometres (or miles).
Multi-day races in arctic conditions or in alpine regions are quite a challenge: for the musher, the dogs and the material. Besides cold weather, fatigue and adventurous trail conditions, sophisticated logistics at the checkpoints also play a decisive role.
So sometimes the winner is not the one who has the fastest dogs, but the one who makes the best use of the breaks and whose dogs regenerate fast.
It is clear that the equipment must be extremely reliable.

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