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Canibike / Bikejöring

In Canibike / Bikejöring, your dog wears a well-fitting harness and is connected to the bike with a flexible leash. Your dog pulls the bike while you support your four-legged friend by pedalling.
Usually, the bike is a mountain bike. It is up to you whether you choose a Hardtail, a Fully or even a light bike with a carbon frame for competitions. Apart from the bike, your equipment consists of a helmet, gloves, goggles and protectors.
Canibike / Bikejöring is suitable for many different dogs and a good activity to activate your dog physically and mentally.
You will also be challenged, and you will quickly notice that this sport is a lot of fun. If you are not yet sure whether it is the right sport for you and your dog, you are welcome to try it out with us in advance. A vet check is also recommended before you start.
As a competitive sport, Canibike is a very fast and dynamic sport. In a contest, you can start with one dog (or in some races with two dogs). Your dog must be at least 18 months old.
Canicross: Outdoor sport with dog(s) by bike, scooter or as a runner. The dog wears a harness and is connected with a flexible leash to the bike, scooter or the running belt (CaniX Belt). Dog and human form a team and support each other.

  • Canibike: sport with your dog and a mountain bike
  • Caniscoot: sport with your dog and a dogscooter
  • Canirun: : sport with your dog where you run pretty fast
  • Canitrail: sport similar to trail running, where you travel along trails with your dog
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CaniX Bike



CaniX Bike

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CaniX Bike


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CaniX Bike

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CaniX Bike

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