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Canirun/ CaniX Run

In Canirun/CaniX Run, your dog is connected to your running belt or CaniX Belt with a leash and wears a well-fitting pulling harness. The leash is very flexible, and your dog can pull you easily. You follow your dog at a comparatively high speed. Of course, for this type of sport, you need good running shoes.

Canirun is suitable for many different dogs and is mentally and physically good for them.

You will be challenged athletically, and when you are on your home trails you will quickly realize that this kind of sport is a lot of fun.

Before you start this kind of sport with your dog, we recommend you to carry out a vet check.

As a competitive sport, canirun is a fast and dynamic sport that puts high demands on your running skills. In order to participate in races, your our dog must be at least 18 months old.

Canicross: Outdoor sport with dog by bike, scooter or as a runner. The dog wears a harness and is connected with a flexible leash to the bike, scooter or the running belt (CaniX Belt). Dog and human form a team and support each other.

  • Canibike: sport with your dog and a mountain bike
  • Caniscoot: sport with your dog and a dogscooter
  • Canirun: sport with your dog where you run pretty fast
  • Canitrail: sport similar to trail running, where you travel along trails with your dog

CaniX Run

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CaniX Run

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